THEME:  The central theme of the Theodore book series is obedience.  Children will learn that to love the Lord means to obey Him, and that obedience comes through hearing, doing, and continually gaining more and more understanding.  

Theodore Walks in the Light

When Theodore overhears his older sister, Theodora, say that Jesus wants us to walk in His light, he sets off to do just that.  Only he gets a little mixed up and does some pretty silly things.  (Available in hard cover and ibook.)

Theodore Gets Salty

Theodore wants to be the "salt of the earth" just like Jesus said.  Only, he thinks the way to do that is to eat a lot of salt.  Oh no!  Find out what happens as Theodore discovers the true meaning of the scripture.

Theodore Goes Fishing

Theodore wants to be a "fisher of men" just like the first disciples.  You won't believe what happens on the school yard play ground when he literally goes fishing for men with a fishing pole and a jar of worms!


THEME:  Each of the All God's Creatures books explores a different promise of God or spiritual gift given by Him.  These promises and gifts, when received, develop and shape us into persons more like Christ.  Character and strong moral values, based upon God's Word, are highlighted and encouraged.


Gertrude loves to gossip!  Only her gossiping stirs up all kinds of trouble with the animals on the farm.  But that all ends when Shep the sheepdog arrives!  Shep sees the problems Gertrude's gossiping causes and decides to share his own news with Gertrude.  Shep's news is the greatest news ever told, and it changes everything and everyone instantly!


Wally the worm comes from a long line of worriers.  His mom and dad, Mr. and Mrs. Worm, worry about everything!  Unfortunately, their worrying keeps them from enjoying life.  In this story Wally learns that God takes care of us and He doesn't want us to worry about anything.  Instead, He wants us to enjoy this wonderful life He has given us!