Little i Publishing is a publishing company committed to creating, producing, and distributing high quality, contemporary Christian children's book, comics, and supplementary materials for discipleship training and education.  In 2019 icdat will embark on a new journey, publishing titles for the teen and adult audience.  Stay tuned to learn more.  


We endeavor to offer Christian parents and educators children's books and supplementary materials that teach sound Biblical principles in a style that is engaging, entertaining, and easy to understand.  


Discover the Bible with Theodore and friends as they set off on a journey filled with learning, fun, and adventure.  

Click on Theodore's Bookshelf and be transported to the blue carpet where you will meet Theodore and his friends, Wally, Gertrude, and a host of other lovable characters.  Enjoy a short video reading, comic strips, pages from the Theodore and All God's Creatures book series, and activity pages!  So join the fun of learning God's amazing Word!



I started writing the Theodore and All God's Creatures series in 1997.  I was putting together a newsletter for the youth in our church and wanted to include a comic strip.  That's when God gave me the concept for Theodore. I fell in love with the idea of this little boy who loved the Lord so much that he tries his very best to obey Him, and even though he gets a little mixed up and does some pretty silly things, his desire is to know everything there is to know about God and please Him.  I thanked the Lord over and over for this great privilege to write these stories for His glory and for the blessing of His people.

The primary theme of the Theodore books is obedience.  Children learn that to love the Lord is to obey Him, and even though we will make mistakes, God wants us to try our best.  

As I worked on the comic strip it evolved into a children's book.  During this time God gave me the idea for the All God's Creatures series.  The The Worrisome Worm and The Gossipy Goose are two of the books from this series that have been published so far.  These books focus on character and emotions.    

Now, twenty years later, after self-publishing five books, the Lord has brought me full circle back to the original comic strip idea.  Once again I'm excited about the possibilities of these comics going forth and teaching children God's sacred Scriptures and the consistent theme of loving God through obedience.  

My desire then is the same today, to instill in children a joy and desire to learn God's Word.  TO GOD BE THE GLORY FOREVER AND EVER!